Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Follow These Guidelines to Engrave Your Switchboard Like a Pro

by Micheal West

The switchboard is the part of your electrical supply system, which redirects the main current into smaller circuits. Having a functional switchboard assures you of the safe handling of electricity in the home or other building. However, you need a correctly labelled switchboard for a fast and effective response in case of an electrical emergency. 

You also need it properly labelled when you need to shut it off and repair parts that have malfunctioned. Therefore, you should think of the type and quality of engraving and another labelling when buying a switchboard or fabricating one. Here are three qualities of excellently engraved switchboards.

1. Working on a Clean Surface

How you prepare for the engraving process determines the quality of the outcome. The switchboard surface should be clean and free from damages such as scratches. You can simply clean the material with soap and water just before you do the engraving. 

If the dirt doesn't come off when you clean it with soap and water, a professional can help you use stronger cleaning chemicals for better results. If you are doing the cleaning, check beforehand, whether harsh chemicals can corrode or ruin the material of the switchboard. 

2. Clear Images

An easy way to label a switchboard is by using images. Images are easier to read and interpret than written words. However, when having images engraved, ensure that you source them from a professional. The images should have a high resolution. Avoid downloaded images and screenshots because they will become extremely blurry when the engraving process is completed. 

You might also want to test how the image will appear on a spare piece of material before approving the final engraving process.  If you are using an automatic machine to engrave, the rule of thumb is to use images that are at least two megabytes in size. Have the professional check the photo for weaknesses such as harsh shadows and parts that are over-exposed to light. 

3. Professional Handling

The quality of the engraved words and images depends on how secure the material is during the process, how effectively the engraver controls heat, and how well they control the depth of the letters and images which they create. Ask to see what the expert has done before as proof of their skill level.

A properly engraved switchboard will ensure that your electrical control system is safe and easy to use. Learn more about your options by contacting switchboard engraving services. 


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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