Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Three Pieces Of Information To Put On A Car Wrap For Your Small Business

by Micheal West

Car wraps are a great way to raise awareness of your business and what it does, allowing people to find out about your business when stuck behind you in traffic, or walking through a car park. This short guide offers three different pieces of information that you should be sure to put on your car wrap.

Start With Your Name And Logo

The most important thing to have on a car wrap is the name of your business, along with the logo. This will allow people who are looking to easily get an idea of who you are and what your business does. If your business is very small, you might just have your own name – for example "Jane Smith – Hot Yoga Classes". However, if you do want to choose a business name, Creative Boom has some good ideas, such as considering spelling and pronunciation, as well as conveying how you want to come across. Your logo is also an important part of the car wrap, especially as it may dictate what the colour scheme of your business, and therefore your car wrap, is.

Explain What Your Business Does

Your business name and logo might give people an accurate idea of what to do, but it never hurts to give a little extra information. This will be especially good for people who see your car in a car park, or outside your home, as they will have more time to read it. Minute Hack offers some good advice for describing your business in three sentences, but for a car wrap, try to make it a little shorter. You could also use bullet points, as they are easier to digest. You don't have to just describe your business, especially if the name is self-explanatory – it might be a good idea to have other information, such as a brief list of services or a tagline like "classes three times a week". Think carefully about what you want to convey.​

Add Your Contact Information

Your contact information is one of the most important pieces of information on your car wrap as, without it, nobody will be able to get in touch. At a minimum, you should have your email address and a phone number, which will allow the majority of people to contact you. However, you may also want to display your social media usernames, alongside little symbols for each site. Which social media you should link depends on what your business does: as the Digital Marketing Institute explains, Linkedin is essential for B2B businesses, anything decorative or artistic will find a home on Pinterest, and Twitter is good for conveying urgent or immediate thoughts. Whichever media you use, having the usernames on your car wrap will allow lots of extra people to check you out.

If you make sure you clearly display the name and logo of your business on your car wrap, alongside ample contact information and information about what your business does, you can ensure that your car wrap is as informative and effective as possible.


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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