Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

How to ensure your LED signs reach as many people as possible

by Micheal West

If you're considering obtaining an LED sign for advertisement purposes, your goal is probably to reach as many people as possible. You may be launching a new product, opening a new store location, or offering exciting discounts.

Regardless of your intended message, you need an LED sign that conveys information to your target audience. You've made the first positive step by thinking of purchasing an LED sign.

To appeal to a wider audience, here are 4 additional options to consider.

1. Design a custom sizing

The message you intend to share will determine how large your LED sign should be. Don't be afraid to go large if you feel it's necessary, or to go smaller for a specific audience you're considering. Messages such as discounts and new product launches may reach a wider audience if the sign is large and flashy.

The key is for the signage to match its surrounding location. Highway billboards are often large because of their expansive surroundings, while indoor LED signs should be smaller to blend in with the rest of your business.

2. Make sure they have a full colour display

Perhaps the biggest benefit of LED signs is their widespread colour options. Only your creativity will limit the LED colours you can use to convey an intended message.

Even more beneficial is that you can include both text and images on the same LED panel. Advertising a new burger? Include a nice, tasty picture along with its competitive cost. And because you can also vary the brightness and shades of similar colours, you can avoid blinding your customers whenever they look at the sign.

3. Consider reusable panels

As opposed to many other types of signs, LED panels can be reused for many different messages. Make sure you consider obtaining reusable LED panels because they allow you to reprogram a message without replacing the existing panel being used. This gives you more flexibility to reach a wider audience while saving on costs.

4. Weather-proof features

Finally, you can ensure that your LED signs reach a wider audience by making them weatherproof. Weatherproofing LED signs involves adding various finishes and a protective housing. Rain, snow and strong winds can all damage your sign and limit the outreach of your message.

Make sure you consult your manufacturer to include reinforcement bars and bolts that can firmly hold you sign in place. If the sign needs electrical power, make sure all cables are properly insulated.


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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