Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

How to Add a Unique Touch to Your Storefront Signage

by Micheal West

Shop front signs are very important, no matter your overall business. Signs impel passersby to stop in at your store, restaurant or spa, and they also help customers and clients to easily find your business; if your business doesn't have a very obvious, easily visible sign outside, those first-time visitors might give up and just go home! To make your sign unique and stand out from other businesses around yours, and to ensure it really reflects your business, note a few tips on how to add a personalized touch to your storefront signage.


Choose a bold colour choice for your signage to make it stand out. Note the colours of surrounding signs, and choose something very different; for example, if other stores have dark signs, choose a fun and bright purple or yellow. On the other hand, many businesses around you may have brightly coloured signs, so if yours were a plain black and white, this can make your signage very unique! You might even use colour to create a design or pattern across the front of the sign; this can include a checkerboard, random geometric shapes, stripes, or anything else that would make your sign stand out from the crowd.

Make it aged

You might think that a brand-new storefront sign should look brand new, but an aged sign can make your business seem rustic, vintage and very welcoming. A sign maker can usually age wood signs by scuffing up the wood, or they may use actual rusted pieces of metal to create a metal sign. You can also have the sign painted with an antique finish, or even an off-white colour, to make the surface look more aged.

Go old-fashioned

Apart from an aged sign, you might choose something that looks a bit old-fashioned. For example, mid-century signage often used very tall, skinny letters, with a variety of pastel colours in the background. Signs from a century ago were often written in large, scrolling, gold letters, with a black background. These types of details can make your signs stand out from very modern signage around you.

Go very simple

Signs are often bright and bold so they can be seen easily, however, if these are the types of signs that surround your business, go the opposite route and choose something very simple. Opt for thin, simple lettering without a lot of flourish. Choose a neutral colour for the sign's background and lettering. Your sign may then stand out and be different and unique due to its simplicity.


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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