Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Outdoor Business Signage: Selecting Corrugated Plastic Sheeting for Your Sign

by Micheal West

Corrugated plastic is an ideal material to consider for your outdoor business sign. This type of feature is manufactured using polypropylene, and the twin wall sheeting design is similar to that of a corrugated carton. This material is strong, but the corrugated profile ensures that the flexibility is maintained. Therefore, the sign will perform well in areas where impact or stress could cause sign breakage.

Corrugated plastic also presents benefits such as weather resistance, low cost of purchase and lightweight properties for easy handling. If you are considering installing corrugated plastic signs, consider these outlined factors before selecting the sheeting.

Corrugated Plastic Thickness 

The thickness of the corrugated plastic sheets is a critical factor to consider when ordering your new signage. This will determine the general performance, particularly with regard to mechanical impact and stress. In addition, your choice will affect the durability of your new feature.

If you are planning on using the sign to advertise temporary promotions such as seasonal sales or a special exhibition, you can get thin and lightweight sheeting. This is prone to accelerated breakdown, but it will provide good performance for a short period. If you would like a long-lasting alternative, consider choosing thicker and more resilient corrugated panels. For instance, you can purchase sheeting with triple walls instead of the usual two for extended durability.

Stock or Custom Sheet Size

You can choose stock or custom panel sizes for your corrugated plastic sheeting. In general, if you want to minimise the total costs, you should choose the standard panel sizes provided by the supplier or manufacturer. These are cut in a landscape design to conform to common small signage needs. On the other hand, if you want a unique business sign, you can choose a custom sheet size. The plastic material is not hard to cut even with a simple utility knife because of the corrugated property. Therefore, the cost is not significantly high. It is not advisable to cut it yourself because the edges will not be clean compared to machine cuts.

Mounting Options

There are multiple mounting options for the corrugated plastic sheeting signs for your business. Your potential choice will determine the design and orientation of the plastic panels. If you would like to mount the sign on stakes, you will simply have to acquire rectangular panels in landscape configuration. The stakes will be driven through the flutes in the corrugated profile. Alternatively, consider choosing sheeting designs with mounting options such as A-frames, grommets and even hooks.


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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