Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

5 Advantages of Outdoor LED Signs

by Micheal West

If you're looking for a new outdoor sign for your business, you're probably pondering the choice between traditional neon and fluorescent illuminated signs and LED signs. Although older designs have a track record of success, there are several advantages that make LED signs a strong choice. 


Without the bulky tubes and bulbs of older signs, LED signs are thinner and lighter. Not only does this mean that they can fit into a wider variety of spaces and are easier to hang and support, but also it saves on shipping costs when ordering. 

Energy use

LED signs are more energy-efficient than their neon and fluorescent counterparts. If you're going to be keeping an outdoor sign illuminated for long periods, the costs can really add up. Choosing an energy-efficient LED alternative not only saves on energy bills but reduce your overall carboon footprint. 

Long life

Not only do they use less energy than other types of sign, LED displays last longer and, equally importantly, maintain their brightness longer. While neon lights fade and discolour over time, LED lights maintain more of their brightness and colour for longer. Individual bulbs are easy to replace, too, meaning that LED signs typically have low maintenance costs. 

Outdoor survival 

Less fragile than older types of illuminated sign, LED displays handle the rigours of outdoor display better. They will run in all temperatures and don't mind a little bit of moisture. If you're going to post your display in an area with consistent rain or high humidity, you might consider investing in a waterproof model. 

Versatile displays

An LED display isn't just a sign -- it's a multi-functional display that can be customised into whatever sign you need. Programmable LED displays mean that you can constantly adapt your outdoor signs to new purposes without spending more. Adding or changing text is easy, allowing you to advertise upcoming events, promote daily specials and entice customers with up-to-the-minute information. Many also feature eye-catching display options such as flashing or scrolling text. The versatility of programmable LED signs encourages flexibility in display and advertising. 

Rugged, lightweight and energy-efficient, LED signs are an investment that produces long-term savings on maintenance and electricity costs. Their long lives also help cut down on replacement costs over time. But LED displays aren't just a way to save money: they're a flexible way to create dynamic, attractive signage that can change to reflect the needs of a business. 


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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