Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Signage Lighting: Which Lights Are Best to Use for Your Business?

by Micheal West

For your business to prosper, you needs to spread the word of its existence. And one of the best ways to add more recognition to your business is by using outdoor signage. Outdoor signage is one of the best techniques of getting customers on your doorstep, because they are spotted directly by people. However, outdoor lighting for your signs needs to be done right, and there are a various different lighting options you can choose from. Here are the two most common options.

Neon lighting

Neon has been in use for a long time and that makes it an established, stable, and reliable tool to use. An electric current is shot up through inert gases like neon, and this is what brings about the lighting.

Using neon signage very easy to implement because finding suitable dealers of this well-known technology won't take a lot of your time. With neon lights, you'll get an aesthetically pleasing sign, because it gives off a warmer and more inviting light as compared to LEDs. Additionally, these lights are also very affordable and can be programmed to display varying messages for your sign.

The disadvantage of this lighting method is that they are not really easy to maintain. Neon tubes have to be refilled periodically to maintain that alluring aura.

Additionally, neon uses real glass tubing so breakage is a potential risk.

LED Lighting

Another common option is using LED lights. The best part about them is that they save a lot of energy and perhaps that's what makes them a rapidly growing technology. These LED signs can use up to 10 times less energy than a neon sign.

Led lighting is close to maintenance free. All you have to do is install them and ensure they don't get knocked over. As a plus, these lights are wrapped in their own special polymer for more protection, and it makes them a lot lighter than neon lights. LED lights are also brighter than neon lights so using them would surely attract attention. 

However, to most people, LED lights are not as vibrant and inviting as neon lights.


The decision you take is mainly dependent on what exactly you're looking for. If you want to save on energy and still produce a brighter sign, then LED should be your option. LED signs may seem like the most preferred option, but if you're looking for that romantic and inviting feel of your sign, then go for neon lights.


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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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