Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

What to Remember When Buying a Sign for Your Business

by Micheal West

A sign for your business is very important, as you may lose customers who cannot see your storefront from the street, even if they have the address and if they're trying to look carefully for your location. The right sign can also bring in passersby and foot traffic that may want to make an impulse purchase or stop in for a meal when they weren't initially planning it, thereby increasing your business. When you're ready to buy a sign for your business, note a few simple factors that are very important but which are also very easy to overlook.

1. Start with city and state compliance regulations

Do you know if your business sign needs to be put back from the road a certain distance, if it can only be a certain height or width, or if there are even regulations as to whether or not it needs to have Braille lettering on it? Signs that are attached to a building may need to be accommodating to someone who is sight impaired, and you may not realize that these regulations affect your choice for signage. Be sure you always start with compliance regulations from your city and state and not just restrictions by your property lessee when choosing a sign for your business.

2. Nearby signs

When choosing a sign design, you want your sign to stand out from all the other business signs around you, but at the same time, you also want to look as if your business fits in with the area or atmosphere created by a certain plaza, shopping center, and the like. As an example, if your storefront is located in the same plaza as trendy bars and retail shops, and they have modern, neon signs, you may not want a sign made of wood that seems very homey and even a bit country. The standard foot traffic in that plaza or shopping center may not be attracted to that style, and your storefront may seem out of place. 

3. Don't get too fancy

Fancy, scrolling lettering may look good in a catalog when you're designing a sign, but note that this type of lettering can be difficult to read from a distance. While you want lettering and a design that fits your business and that reflects your personal style, don't get so fancy that no one can read the sign and its purpose is lost completely.

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Effective Branding Through Well Designed Signs

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